JITSIE Helmet Armor Krokoバイクトライアルヘルメット カラー追加

JITSIE Helmet Armor Krokoバイクトライアルヘルメット

価格 9,500(税抜)

Part # JI17HTARKR-5035 Color: Silver/Fluo Yellow (シルバーイエロー) S/M/L  Weight: 275g
Part # JI17HTARKR-5045 Color: Red/Fluo Green (レッドグリーン) S/M/L  Weight: 275g
Part # JI17HTARKR-5025 Color: Blue/Red/Teal ( ブルーレッド) S/M/L  Weight: 275g
Part # JI17HTARKR-5015 Color: Khaki/White/Red ( カーキーホワイトレッド) S/M/L  Weight: 275g

Great collaboration between Jitsie and Lazer sport, a true innovator on the bike scene with helmets that are truly one step ahead!
The Lazer Armor helmet is a great bucket style bike helmet with optimal ventilation and lightweight thanks to its innovative construction!
* removable interior
* 16 vents for maximum cooling