JITSIE Pant Meteor バイクトライアルライディングパンツ

JITSIE Pant Meteor JITSIE Pant Meteor

JITSIE Pant Meteor バイクトライアルライディングパンツ 

価格 14,000円(税抜)

Part # JI15PAME-1015 ブラックレッド S/M/L/XL/XXL
Part # JI15PAME-1025 ブラックイエロー S/XL/XXL

The Jitsie Meteor bicycle trials pant was developed with the popular Airtime short as a starting point. Lightweight and super flexible, the Meteor pant excels in cooler weather conditions when riding sections or finding lines around town.

* lightweight stretch fabrics for optimum race fit
* flycam waist closure and strong zippers
* tapered cuffs
* 2 pockets on side for storage
* minimal approach to branding for a mix of race/casual look